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Digital Age The Business of the 21st Century Marketeer Network Bridge Global Sourcing Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The growing online popularity of videos has opened up big doors to those who are YouTube affiliates. Just the fact that Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion gives you an idea of how big this online video platform has become. Many have already taken advantage of this lucrative opportunity. You can see your commissions go through the roof as well if you become a YouTube affiliate.

How to Use YouTube to Boost your Affiliate Sales

To be a YouTube Affiliate, the first thing you will need to do is get some good screencasting software. This is done to capture the image of your computer and turns it into a video. It is also called a video screen capture. Usually, this will involve a narration, so work on getting your best professional-sounding voice. There are a few good screencasting software programs out. 

Camtasia is very good and comes highly recommended. It isn’t cheap, but it is well worth the price. Imovie is also very good and comes bundled with Mac computers much of the time. If you are limited in your funds, you will find The Jing Project useful because it is free. Once you find the screencasting software that best suits you, then you can begin gathering the content for your video.

Your content should be simple and easy to understand. It should also give people a reason to believe that not only do you know what you are talking about, but you should also give them a reason to visit your affiliate link. Suppose you want to make money online as a YouTube affiliate. In that case, you have to know to properly bait your potential customer with just enough information to get them hungry but don’t give them the total package. 

Get them wanting more, and then make it, so they want to follow your link to see what you offer. Your affiliate network should have plenty of opportunities for you. Your affiliate programs will have all the information you need.

Because YouTube is free, anyone can make an account, and doing so is easy. Just follow the instructions. Once you have done that, you will publish your video on YouTube. Doing that isn’t complicated either. 

If you need some help, they have a video tutorial that you will find very helpful. Once it is uploaded to YouTube, it will be seen among the 100,000 videos uploaded daily. The only difference as a YouTube affiliate is that your videos will make you money.

Affiliates using YouTube can boost sales and help generate a higher click-through rate. Done correctly, it will also help convert that CTR into sales. Make it a part of your marketing mix. 

Use it with your article marketing efforts. There are many ways that YouTube can boost your affiliate marketing ventures. The only limit is your imagination.

Affiliate Programs: What They Are and How They Can Make You Money

Affiliate programs are taking the internet by storm. Affiliate programs are so popular that it is likely that you have heard of them before, even if you aren’t a website owner.  While many individuals have heard of affiliate programs, there are very few who know what they are. Suppose you are interested in capitalizing on this amazing business opportunity. In that case, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with affiliate programs and what they can do for you. Doing so may very well be the best decision that you could make.  
Affiliate programs are business programs, also sometimes referred to as business opportunities, ideal for web admins. All webmasters can benefit from an affiliate program, but those looking to make money can benefit the most. This is because you will sell merchandise for another company. This allows you to make money without having to sell your products.
Many companies take part in affiliate programs, namely retailers.  Once you decide to join an affiliate program, file an affiliate partner request form. This form is usually small, but it is almost always required.  Most retailers in charge of running an affiliate program are well known; therefore, they want to protect their image. 
This means that before officially joining an affiliate program, your website has to be reviewed.  If your website is approved, which most legitimate ones are, the next step will all depend on the company with which you are working.
Most of the retailers or affiliate advertisers will have customized links or banners. These banners will need to be placed on your website.  These advertisements will vary from company to company; however, most advertisements showcase the merchandise or special sales.  If one of your website visitors is interested in learning more, they will click on your link or banner.  
In doing so, your website will be flagged. This flagging is often done to ensure that you receive the proper credit for bringing in new customers.  Suppose an internet user who clicked one of your affiliate links or banners purchases anything. In that case, you will receive credit for that purchase.
The amount of money you can make from an affiliate program will depend on which type of program you are taking part in. As previously mentioned, many businesses, including retail stores, operate their affiliate program.  
Each business can decide the amount of money that you will make from each sale.  That money is often a percentage amount.  Most affiliate programs begin at around five percent of the sale, but some can go as high as ten or fifteen.  
With affiliate programs, many web admins decide not to join one. Many of those individuals feel the commission percentage is not worth their time. While this may be the case sometimes, it is not always.  
The best way to make money with affiliate programs is to join over one program. Some affiliate advertisers, such as retail stores, may have strict limitations on who else’s links and banners can be displayed on the same page as theirs, but many are flexible.  
If you can join over one affiliate program, you are advised to do so.  Many web admins have found success by doing this.  Imagine, if you could make money off of one affiliate program, how much money do you think you could make off of five or ten of them?  
When joining several different affiliate programs, it is advised that you carefully track all of your records and earnings. This is easy to do with one or two programs. Still, with more, you might purchase affiliate tracking software. Those software programs are an easy way to keep track of your earnings.
To make the most out of affiliate programs, you are advised to take the time to find the right one. Many web admins sign up for the first affiliate program they come across.  While all affiliate programs may generate money, some will perform better than others. By finding these programs, make a substantial amount of money with affiliate programs.

The Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Program

Each day, a fairly large number of web admins decide to join an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are a great way to make money, often without having to do any work.  Despite being an easy and profitable business opportunity, many web admins are unsure whether they should join an affiliate program.  If you are one of those individuals, you are encouraged to examine the benefits of joining a program. After this examination has been completed, you may be surprised by what you learned. 
Several different businesses run affiliate programs. Most of those businesses either sell a product or a service. Since the goal of any business, especially those selling something, is to make money, many businesses use unique marketing methods. One of those methods is an affiliate program.  
Affiliate programs allow web admins to connect with these webmasters. Once they are approved for the program, a web admin will be required to place banners or links to their advertiser’s website. If those links or banners generate a sale, the webmaster can pocket a portion of that sale.
The above-described process is, in fact, one benefit of joining an affiliate program because it is easy to do.  As previously mentioned, most affiliate programs require approval.  Often, the approval process is only used to ensure that your website looks professional and does not contain any inappropriate content.  
Once you have been approved, you will be provided with pre-designed banners. To get these banners on your website, you only have to enter a few codes. The process sounds simple.  After that, you are ready to make money.
The money that you will make is another benefit to joining an affiliate program. Each business with its affiliate program is likely to compensate its business partners in different ways.  In most cases, you find that you will be given a percentage of each sale that resulted from the links or the banners on your website. 
These percentages will vary; however, they average around ten percent.  While the average percentage for most affiliate programs is ten percent, you may find programs with a higher or even a lower rate.  If you are interested in making more money, you are advised to find affiliate opportunities with higher commission rates.
For finding high-paying affiliate programs, you are in luck. There is an unlimited number of affiliate programs to choose from.  Many businesses, including retail stores, are deciding to use this popular and effective form of marketing.  More retailers mean more affiliate programs for you to choose from. You don’t even have to choose just one. You can make even more money by joining several affiliate programs; you find that, in most cases, there are no limits on the number of programs that you can join.
While you may not have a problem choosing to participate in several different affiliate programs, you may have a problem keeping track of those programs.  To ensure that you are being paid all of the money you earned, you will need to monitor your affiliate programs.  Unfortunately, with many affiliate programs, this can be difficult or even impossible to do.   
Suppose you have difficulty keeping track of all of your affiliate programs. In that case, you are advised to think about affiliate tracking software.  These software programs are available for free or for a small fee.  They may assist you with staying organized and up-to-date on all of your affiliate programs.
As you can easily see, there are several advantages to joining an affiliate program.  All you need to get started is a website and the desire to make money. In most cases, the rest will all fall together on their own.

Digital Age The Business of the 21st Century Marketeer Network Bridge Global Sourcing Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Digital Age The Business of the 21st Century Marketeer Network Bridge Global Sourcing Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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